My best free relationship advice.

Romantic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was reminded today in a question on a forum of the best relationship advice that the whole world should know about. 

The question was: what's an example of a problem you've solved with a creative solution?

The answer I gave went something like this.

A long time ago, my partner at the time and I were having problems with our relationship. 

Then I read in a book that you can't change other people, you can only change yourself.

Which I did. 

And instantly, like magic, everything changed.

That relationship eventually broke up but, at the time, the solution worked like a charm.

One of the big problems in the world today is that everyone is going around judging and criticising everyone else. I recall one of the greatest philosophers of all time saying, "Judge not lest you also be judged." (Yes, it was Jesus.)

Well now, there's a second piece of good relationship advice. In our media, in television dramas, in real life, everyone is judging everyone else. Stop it and we could change the world - at least our relationships (is there anything else?).

Instead of expecting our partners to change, even though they might well be driving us insane with their behaviour or how they are treating us, just remember that criticising them is not the answer to the problem.

Changing your own behavior is. Even though it may be difficult, even though you may think that they are the problem, not you (which may or may not be true).

Just do it and observe.

It worked for me.

Here's some help in 1,000 ways.

Here's some extra advice in that area, not from me, but from a relationship expert with a proven record of results. It's called The Magic of Making Up.

Don't take too much notice of the title because in this guide to relationships you'll learn the complete magic recipe for love, no matter what your circumstances or where your relationship is at.

What to do right and what you could be doing wrong. How to keep your relationship alive and how to make up for past mistakes. And so much more. In this manual which you can have on your hard drive in a few minutes, you'll have the best relationship advice I've seen.   

Good luck.

With our nice thoughts alone we can make this a better world.

Buddha in Sarnath Museum (Dhammajak Mutra) Loc...
Buddha in Sarnath Museum (Dhammajak Mutra) Location:Sarnath Museum, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Thoughts are things" wrote Napoleon Hill in 'Think & Grow Rich'. If this is true then what kind of a world have we all been thinking of?

Nice thoughts like these are said to have been the inspirational thoughts of the Buddha (c563--c483 BC). 

Yes, he lived quite a while before our present age. But then, this surely begs the question, if he was right then has the world of the past 2,500 years been the product of our random thoughts since then (and before?)?

Here is the full context of what he said exactly:

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
Speak or act with an impure mind
And trouble will follow you
As the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart.

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
Speak or act with a pure mind
And happiness will follow you
As your shadow, unbreakable.

Dhammapada The Buddha

Source: Kornfield- The Teachings of the Buddha, v. 42

Fast forward to the present day.

Most people have heard of, if not read, Napoleon Hill's multi-million world bestseller 'Think & Grow Rich', a very practical early self-improvement success-oriented blueprint for living a "rich life" (he included all of life's riches in his definition of growing rich).

When I first read the book decades ago, I was stopped in my tracks when I came to the the title of Chapter One:

'Thoughts Are Things.'

Food for thought, indeed.

Let us assume that both the Buddha and Hill were right, then could it be that our thoughts, that we think every day, minute, every second, get us (and the world) into strife. We absorb what is fed to us as news (usually bad), TV dramas (usually based on conflict), video games (like war games), even negative idle gossip.

How can we get our thoughts to make our lives better and, even maybe, make this a better world? Can we really change the world just by changing our thoughts?

The Buddha seemed to think so.

Just as the constant impressions being made on our thoughts from every aspect of our lives today can be influencing what we think in every moment - even when we don't think we are thinking - equally we can be in more control of our thoughts in order to bring about any outcome we choose.

Want to find happiness? Just do this!

The truth is, we change almost any part of our life just by changing our thoughts. Do it and help make this a better world.

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The single reason why the rich, famous & successful are rich, famous & successful.

Could this be the way to get rich quick, become famous overnight, finding happiness in your life or stumble upon success other than through toil, hard work or good luck?

Having struggled for half my working life to succeed at my chosen career through hard work - and indeed at life in general - only to have everything crash and burn, I developed a passionate interest in learning what went wrong. 
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In my search I realised that the rich and famous do have a single secret, one that most of them don't even know they have. It's probably not the reason you expected but it has clearly been the secret of their fame and fortune. Mostly we hear very rational reasons, hard work is a popular one.
Ben Stiller
Cover of Ben Stiller

Think about people like Billy Joel and Ben Stiller. They publicly declare that they do what they love, that they can't believe they are so lucky to be paid well to do what you love and enjoy every moment. To learn how you can do the same I recommend: How You Can Find What You Love To Do & Get Paid For Doing It ($19.95 no shipping).

You may like to read an important article from Oprah's magazine titled:  

'Do What You Love Or Learn To Love What You Do'

I should tell you that I happened upon this life-changing concept after having lived an extremely unlucky life, until ... 

My freelance business and I ended up bankrupt. I spent 5 years living in a friend's leaky old caravan parked outside their home in a small country town in the Australian bush for five years. I was homeless, penniless, jobless and friendless. I'd lost absolutely everything. I've told my story, and more, in my new non-fiction book 'The Mystery of Granny's Ghost' ($16.95).

Out of desperation, and because there was no way back, I realised that I had been living a lie, and that the ultimate purpose of life was to find, well, one's true purpose in life, what we are here on this planet for, our true passion, what we love to do.

There's a story about the famous jazz and popular singer Ella Fitzgerald (now deceased). At the age of 16 she entered a talent quest in Harlem, New York, as a dancer but, just before going on stage, she suddenly announced that she would sing instead. She won, and went on to enjoy a singing career spanning 6 decades, winning no less that 13 Grammy Awards.

We don't need to be famous entertainers to do what we love, what we are here to do. We only need to find what that is, begin to live our purpose in life, and suddenly, automatically, luck will follow. It happened to me. And it happens to many others too, maybe you.

This is the single step to take to find luck, happiness, success, even riches and, if it's what you want, fame. But how to find that purpose? Sometimes we need a decent life makeover ... preferably not through bankruptcy and loss the way I did it. There is an easier way.

We already know what it is. We are born knowing that purpose. It's within us waiting to be discovered. In the case of Stiller, Joel and Fitzgerald, we call it talent. In others, genius. For most of us, however, it's plain good luck or good fortune.

Some will argue that the single secret to success is hard work. But it's a lie. Working hard at the wrong life purpose will only bring failure quicker. As I discovered, to my great cost.

For example, with today's technology absolutely anyone can start doing what they love, and make money doing it, blogging in their spare (or full) time selling other people's products on whatever topics interest you. You don't always need to give up your full-time job to start moving in a new direction.

My blogging activities cost me ... NOTHING! Start now and doors will open to new opportunities.

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You can work your butt off to have all the little luxuries of life or you can do this.

Every time I read about how to succeed, to acquire the necessary wealth, either in the short term or over the long haul, they make the assumption that you have already become rich in order to get more of it.  

Which is somewhat of a problem for those of us who don't have the capital to start with.
Native home with Yapese money stones indicatin...
Native home with Yapese money stones indicating great wealth. Stones were mined on Palau and carried by outrigger canoe 300 miles. Money stones are quarried from stalactites in limestone caves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course this severely limits one's options since almost every way known to get money and wealth depend on some kind of nest egg or assets as the foundation. 

But this is usually based on an investment strategy of some kind where you only need to put your money somewhere where others do all the work of increasing your investment on your behalf. Which is great if you have a nest egg or assets in the first place.

Worse, too frequently we see on TV current affairs shows unfortunate people who've lost everything by investing in dodgy schemes that go bust. Who needs it?

Ah, but there is another way to approach it and it's more about the invisible Laws we know so little about and less about investing to get more of the same then sitting back and expecting your money to become a money tree.

The secret is those invisible Laws, strangely elusive and somewhat mistrusted by most people. Yet who on earth can trust investments when we see how volatile the stock market is, how property values see-saw up and down and, if you're lucky, you end up making a measly few per cent. If you're lucky.

This is where I can offer hope to those who have absolutely zero to start with. And isn't it these people who are in most need to that wealth? Isn't it those who have struggled to make ends meet that need money over and above what they have to scrape by on each day?

Only recently those Laws I refer to have been the subject of much interest around the world. A flame was lit by the book and movie The Secret which had numerous experts offering their advice and opinions on the Law of Attraction. 

Fast forward to today and I'm particularly interested in a new fast-track way to use this invisible Law ... it's called Cosmic Ordering and it offers what I see as a cosmic hotline to the Laws of acquiring just about anything we want. Incredible but it has a lot of support and many people swear by it's results.

As Napoleon Hill emphasised in his world bestseller 'Think & Grow Rich' true riches go beyond the financial kind. That is true here, too. Use these Laws for all the riches of life you desire, family, relationships, career, health, success. 

To read all about the latest Law of Attraction craze - to get your step-by-step guide click here.

Get paid for doing what you love ... click here to read how!

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How to suddenly become hugely popular with adoring fans

I once was married to a talented palm reader. I would observe in wonderment how her fortune telling with palm reading would attract admirers galore like bees to honey.

Telling their future by simply reading their palms on the spot became, on the one hand (excuse the pun), a great party trick. On the other hand, I admired how she could genuinely help others in a more serious mode. In other words, the simple art of palmistry became a kind of Open Sesame to friendships, admiration and genuine help and hope for those in need of it.

English: Chart of the Hand.
English: Chart of the Hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here's an amusing story. I once visited her in hospital. I entered the ward to find her in the bed surrounded by nurses all with both hands in the air, like it was a hold-up, waiting their turn to get a free palm reading. She would have been the most popular patient in the hospital. This also could be you.

I've recently been looking at the various avenues I too could follow in the 'how to fortune tell' field, from simple everyday playing cards to the more sophistocated skills. The good thing is that as you practice being a fortunes teller the more your intuition and abilities will improve.

Mysterious Fortune Telling Books

First up I want to share with you an amazing book I came across of over 400 pages called 'Fortune Telling Secrets'. This incledible book - which you can download right now and be reading in 5 or 10 minutes' time - covers absolutely everything imaginable ... how to interpret dreams, read palms, dice, dominoes, playing cards, tea leaves and stuff you wouldn't believe.

I have to admit that the story of the book's origins seems a little hard to swallow ... has someone been watching too many Indiana Jones movies? But then, coming up with a book over 400 pages long is no mean feat. Get this gem now and be reading your friends' tea leaves tomorrow!

And you can (rightly) boast that your teacher was Madame Thibodeaux of New Orleans!

On the other hand you may prefer to find a comprehensive, in depth course on palmistry alone and follow in my ex- marriage partner's footsteps (handprints?) This way you can claim to be an expert and know all there is to know about the mysterious ancient art of palm reading. With this course you could become a pro and earn extra spare time cash for your readings. Click here to read more.

There's also an excellent library of 7 ebooks which come as a package at a very low price. There are books on palmistry, astrology, numerology, feng shui, tarot and 2 more. At the price you may wish to download this package too. Click here to read more.

Visit my book website 'THE MYSTERY OF GRANNY'S GHOST' (a true story) and prepare to be entertained.

How to find the happiness secret

Imagine finding yourself, almost overnight, as I did some years ago, holed up in a friend's leaky old caravan parked by the roadside in the hills with nothing.

You are literally homeless, jobless, penniless and friendless. You are unemployable since your one-man freelance business had been declared bankrupt owing money to some 40 creditors.

Your name would have been mud.

This is exactly what happened to me. And it was all due to one single dumb mistake.

The good advice I missed

English: Amercian self-help writer Napoleon Hi...
English: Amercian self-help writer Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) holding his book, "Think and Grow Rich". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One huge influence had been that famous world bestseller 'Think & Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. I had followed it, and others - or so I thought - and yet it was as if this structure I had lovingly and carefully created had been built on a foundation of sand instead of something more solid.

At some point the sand had given way and everything I had built, not only my business but also my personal life, was unstable and crashed in a heap taking everything with it.

Don't worry. In those 5 years I spent licking my wounds in the caravan, my life was completely turned around.

What happened to change everything was that, on deep, deep reflection, I "saw" my single dumb mistake and corrected it.

The irony was that it had been staring me in the face all along - as I believe it is with all of us. And yet most of us never find that single mistake we all make throughout life, a little matter which can make all the difference between failure and success (and everything inbetween).

And ultimately, happiness.

It was unfortunate that I had to learn of this single mistake in such a dramatic way. I don't want you to wait until it happens - in some form - to you. Read on and I'll reveal what this single little mistake was that caused my whole world to crash and burn.

This was my single mistake

Whenever I hear successful people speaking of their lives and their success the one thing I'm hearing is that they love what they do. Not only is this the reason they are happy in their work but also that this single little factor seems to be the secret of their success.

I hear Billy Joel speak of how he can't believe he gets paid for what he loves and for doing what comes to him naturally. Same with Ben Stiller. They are two famous people who come to mind but it's always there in interviews.

But you and I don't need to be rich and famous, fronting interviews with the media, to achieve the same results. It just happens that these are the people we hear about because they, by virtue of their fame, are the ones in the media. The world is full of other people, just ordinary people, who have achieved a certain degree of success and, naturally, happiness.

You don't believe me?

I've read quotes by Oprah who says it.

I've read books by Dr Wayne Dyer who says it.

Yet this was the single piece of advice that was missing from most of the self help books I had read in the past ... or maybe I just missed the point. I swear that in Napoleon Hill's 'Think & Grow Rich' this point is unclear, or missing, from his urging to find your Definite Major Purpose (which, I'm saying, needs to be a purpose that you love).

In my downhill fall I was finding that I disliked not only my work but my life in general. My mistake was to ignore it instead of changing to what I loved. Big Mistake!

The happiness factor

The big stumbling block for me, back in the days when I completely missed the point about doing what you love - making sure that my Definite Major Purpose was a pursuit that I truly loved and which would give me satisfaction - was that I completely missed the point probably because change is difficult.

As life progresses we create a web around us that become more and more complex as each day passes. We take on responsibilities. We become entrenched in our chosen careers. Yet I recently read a study that showed that 80% of all people in a job in the USA were unhappy in their work.

Wow, that's tragic.

Yet day after day passes and we come to just accept our lots. Each day brings problems and bills and activities which all add up to not enough time to attend to everything in our lives. To actually think about how we might like to change anything can be overwhelming ... if we think of it at all.

We need help.

Help to become happy. And isn't the pursuit of happiness a worthwhile goal?

Here's a way to get the ball rolling if happiness and loving what we do are our ultimate life goals, something worth even just thinking about. Presented on 5 CDs with a 90 page workbook this complete package with a few free bonuses thrown in will be shipped to your door anywhere in the world free of charge. There's also a 100% 6 month money-back guarantee so you can't go wrong.

To read all about the easy way to bring that happiness factor into your life, to bring what you love into your life and get to be like Billy Joel and Ben Stiller (I can't guarantee their fame and fortune) CLICK HERE TO FIND HAPPINESS FROM TODAY!

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How to improve personality with a single tweak.

"You are so interesting and convincing when you talk about xxxx," a friend declared in amazement. Really? 

That passing remark make me think about how to improve personality naturally, with a single shift from the inside. No need for any kind of 'training' or a need to develop any new skills. We already have what we need inside of us. The skill then is to recognise what that talent or passion is so we can live it. 
Cover of "The Passion"
Cover of The Passion

Just live your passion and the rest comes naturally.

Reading behind that statement I could see that what made me "so interesting and convincing" was my passion for the topic under discussion. And therein I had found a valuable secret ... find your passion.

Okay so how do you do that?

Psychologist, author and university lecturer James Hillman says that, like the message built into an acorn that tells it to become an oak tree, so we are born with a seed inside of us that knows what we are meant to be doing with our lives, that makes us happy and ... that helps to create our personality.
My ultimate conclusion is this: as a fortune teller claims to read our future we each need to be able to read our past. Our childhood experiences. What made us happy. Our hobbies, our interests. Whatever we were good at. What we loved doing. But here's a warning from my own childhood past: it may not be the obvious, not necessarily what appears as a career choice on the surface.

Someone who is also very interesting and convincing on the subject is Caroline Myss, frequently a guest on Oprah. She has written many excellent books which you can find on Amazon by clicking here.

I recommend reading an article in the Oprah Magazine by her titled 'Discovering Why You Are Here' - click here to read now.

Another way to put it is that by changing yourself you can change everything else around you. I've found this to be a brilliant key to succeeding in personal relationships. You can't change other people, you can only change yourself.

I had an "ah hah" experience once when I was in this very situation in a relationship, where I was trying to change the other person. When I came upon this little pearl of wisdom in a book I was reading, I decided to apply the advice and changed myself and how I was reacting to the situation. 

And presto! Everything changed. Like magic.

So whether it's in relationships or in your workplace, anywhere in your life for that matter, think seriously about changing your whole world - for the better - by changing yourself

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The secret to changing anything in your life.

I experienced a big ah, hah moment in my life when a friend loaned me a book by Jane Roberts titled, 'The Nature of Personal Reality'. In a few words, the message was that ... we create our own reality. With our thoughts. 

A bit hard to swallow, I agree. It took me quite a few years - a quite a few life changes - before I knew, from my own experience, that this is indeed the case.

All those years daydreaming of a life markedly different from the one I was living, finally brought results. 

Jane Roberts
Jane Roberts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Very early in my life our family moved to a dreadful government housing estate on the wrong side of the tracks when my father lost his lifetime job - the same year I left school. My thoughts were always on living in a better environment than this. 

Ten years later I found myself running my own freelance business from my own solid brick Victorian house in a trendy inner Melbourne suburb. 

My colleagues at the hot ad agency where I was working couldn't understand how I got into advertising without a university degree. Was it the result of my own abilities alone? I very much doubt it. I had surely created my reality with my thoughts.

Right from all those years of living alone after being cut off from my children to the idyllic life I have today close to my entire family. And there's more but, again, I'll spare you the gory details. I know it's true but this is one of those truths I think we need to prove for ourselves. 

So my challenge to you is: take up the hobby of daydreaming (of your dreams). Positive daydreams only because they are creating your reality. What is there to lose and it costs nothing.

But there's a flip side to this: daydreaming of your past only brings more of the same; daydreaming of your troubles only brings more of the same; daydreaming of how you can't pay the bills only brings more of the same; daydreaming of depressing thoughts only brings on depression.

Change our thoughts and we change our lives. I've prove it to be true.

To make thoughts become things for yourself with this guided update on the Law of Attraction - CLICK HERE!

Visit my book website 'THE MYSTERY OF GRANNY'S GHOST' (a true story) and prepare to be entertained.

3 huge life lessons.

I began my schooling in life and luck the day I left school. I ended my schooling in life and luck the day my one-man freelance business and I were declared bankrupt.

I had just graduated from what Napoleon Hill, in his famous bestseller Think & Grow Rich, called the University of Hard Knocks.

In that book I learned a lesson I dismissed as rubbish at the time but later found it to be true.

When I read the title of the first chapter of the book - first published back in 1937 by the way - which read 'Thoughts Are Things' I thought, yeah, right, and dismissed the idea as nonsense.

Today, I'm living the life which occupied my thoughts from the terrible day I found myself homeless, penniless, friendless and jobless, unemployable in fact, having lost absolutely everything.

English: Amercian self-help writer Napoleon Hi...
English: Amercian self-help writer Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) holding his book, "Think and Grow Rich". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I ended up retreating to a small country town, my home being a friend's leaky old caravan parked outside their home in the Aussie bush without even a car to hook on to the end. I am convinced that only my intense thoughts of climbing out of the black hole I had dug for myself have transformed my life from there to here.

I had nothing else. It's the greatest lesson of all, for me.

It's a bit scary to think what might have happened had my thoughts been rather less positive, as one might expect under the circumstances. If it seems like the end of the world perhaps we should direct our otherwise negative thoughts to a new world for us when our old world has failed us. I think of it like a sign that says:


Now for the other two greatest life lessons on this motivational thoughts blog ...

First I was in the wrong career.

Which is the fastest route to failure.

Don't let this happen to you.

I've read a statistic that says that in the USA around 80% of employed people are unhappy in their jobs. We need to find what we are meant to be doing, not only in our careers but also in our lives in general, to succeed in life and luck.

The all time most popular post on this blog is the post titled: 'The One Thing That Makes The Rich, Famous & Successful Rich, Famous & Successful' (see sidebar for most popular posts). The answer is that they are doing what they love and what they would do even if they weren't paid to do it. We hear rich, famous and successful people like Billy Joel say so in interviews.

Ella Fitzgerald Sings Songs from "Let No ...
Ella Fitzgerald Sings Songs from "Let No Man Write My Epitaph" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I relate the story of the famous popular and jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald who, at the age of 16 while living in a homeless orphanage shelter in Harlem, entered a talent quest at Harlem's Globe Theater as a dancer, changed her mind just before going on and appeared as a singer, and won first prize.

That was in the 1930s. Her career spanned six decades during which time she received 13 Grammy Awards and was called The First Lady of Song. All because she was lucky enough to step away from what she was not meant to do with her life and into what called her ... at an early age.

Yes, I've used entertainers to make my point and the world is not made up of entertainers. They are the ones we hear about. Lesser souls like you and me I believe still need to find what we are meant to do with our lives ... it's just that no-one will ever hear of us (except our immediate families and friends).

Life lesson #3.

Let me offer a final lesson in life and luck here, a minor incident in my life yet one of the biggest problems in the world today. Assumptions. We do it all the time and it is a dangerous habit. I learned this lesson the day I complained to the boss at the ad agency I worked at as a copywriter that I had assumed ... dah, dah, dah.

"Don't ever assume anything", he admonished me.

And I never have since. In fact I've observed this phenomenon in personal behavior ever since and it's rife in the world, from assuming something about another person to assuming another country is engaging in undesirable activities. It ranges from personal relations to the international stage. It's particularly rife in online dating where it's easy to assume whatever you want to believe. It has happened to me in pen friend relationships in the pre-Internet days.

I hope these few motivational thoughts from the University of Hard Knocks help to improve YOUR life and luck (because our luck depends much on how we live our lives).

Mark Twain (1835-1910): "You'll always make the most money doing what you most enjoy."


Visit my book website 'THE MYSTERY OF GRANNY'S GHOST' (a true story) and prepare to be entertained.